You can now cook your heart out this winter with some of the best Mexican inspired recipes for the winter season and try new and exciting meals.

Mexican Inspired Recipes for the Winter Season

Some Mexican dishes come inherently spicy and others can be adjusted but all of them should qualify as comfort food. Eating comfort food is part of the winter tradition and adding some exotic flavors is the only way you can make it even better. Mexican inspired recipes for the winter season range from some common […]

Open your world to the many different colorful Mexican street corn recipes and soon you’ll be enjoying new late night snacks regularly.

20 Colorful Mexican Street Corn Recipes

Elotes is a fantastic way to transform boring corn on the cob into something truly amazing. Elotes is made many different ways and has many different names. Some call the concoction Mexican corn, others elotes, but thanks to its history, it’s known in America as Mexican street corn. Street vendors from the Honduras up to […]

There are many different easy Mexican rice recipes to make at home that will go great with almost anything from Chelas Mexican Grill.

Easy Mexican Rice Recipes to Make at Home

Every different cuisine has a set of side dishes that go well with just about everything. For Mexican food, that side dish is Mexican rice. Mexican rice goes well with just about every Mexican dish. Use easy Mexican rice recipes to make at home and pair with tacos, burritos, fajitas, and so much more. In […]

Some may wonder why use fresh ingredients when time is of the essence at a restaurant and we ask why not use fresh ingredients?

Why use Fresh Ingredients? It’s the Chelas Way!

Serving food to an entire community requires a few things to get right. First, you need to have a passion for food, then you need recipe knowledge. Lastly, but maybe most importantly, you need fresh ingredients. At Chelas Mexican Grill, we feel that using fresh ingredients takes every recipe we make to the next level. […]

Enjoy the best light summer Mexican recipes and get a taste of a culture that knows heat, humidity, and great flavors that help.

Light Summer Mexican Recipes to Love

Summer recipes are filled with refreshing ingredients and easy to cook. The best summertime recipes don’t require you to slave over a hot stove or bake for hours at a time. No one wants to spend all of their time during the summer in the kitchen, so summertime recipes should also require little time and […]

The history of the taco may be shorter than you think and comes from a surprising source with an interesting trek to America.

The History of the Taco

We all have an idea of what a taco should be, and for the most part, we think that tacos have been around forever. If asked about the history of the taco some may believe that it comes from native times in Mexico. With the popularity of the taco, no one can be blamed for […]

29 best tacos in orange county - chelas mexican grill

Chelas Recognized as Best Tacos in Orange County

There are many lists out there that help us decide many different things in our life. We check the internet for the best cocktails, best recipes, best activities and best tacos. Here at Chelas Mexican Grill, our primary goal is to provide the best Mexican food in Orange County. While that may seem like a […]


Tips For The Ultimate Fiesta

Anyone can throw a party but to throw the ultimate fiesta you need to go the extra mile. Everything from the food to the music needs to be in line with the theme. There are some tips for the ultimate fiesta that can help you keep your head on straight during the planning stage. After […]


35+ Taco Recipes: Chicken, Beef, and More

There is a very special day coming up, and it will be celebrated by just about everyone, whether they know it or not. October 4th is National Taco Day! To take part in the celebration, you can make your favorite taco recipes. You may have a few taco recipes that you already like to use […]

The Best Mexican Restaurant is Chelas Mexican Grill

Why Chelas Mexican Grill is the Best Mexican Restaurant

There are many different qualities that make a restaurant the best in its field. In order to become the best, the restaurant needs to work well and provide an experience to the people who visit that is welcoming and enjoyable. Chelas Mexican Grill strives to be the best Mexican grill around in many different ways. […]