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The history of Chelas begins over fifty years ago in a small village in Michoacan, Mexico, with a young girl by the name of Roselia Vargas. Roselia came from a large family, she had eight siblings, three brothers and five sisters. She was always the first to help in the kitchen, spending her days by her mother's side learning the family recipes for simple, yet delicious, traditional dishes.

Roselia moved to East Los Angeles in the late 1960's and began a family of her own. She continued her passion for cooking and her Saturday afternoon cookouts became legendary in the family. Using only the freshest ingredients and time honored cooking techniques, Roselia prepared all her meals by scratch, never using processed or canned foods.

In 1998 her youngest son, Arturo was wed to Karla Barrientos. Art and his mother began teaching the family recipes to his new wife Karla. Soon the Saturday afternoon cookouts began being prepared by all three, challenging each other to who could create a new dish or recipe that would receive the highest approval by the family.

Roselia, Art and Karla continued the traditional Saturday afternoon cookouts until April of 2005 when she passed away due to Chronic Leukemia. After Roselia's passing, Art and Karla continued the family cookouts taking over the sole cooking responsibilities. They began having more and more cookouts, to allow their friends, acquaintances and of course family to experience Roselia's recipes, as well as new ones they created using her cooking techniques and passion.

It didn't take long for them to prove in the minds of others what they already knew, that Roselia's recipes were more than just your ordinary food, they were a hit! With each cookout, the talk of opening a restaurant grew larger and more intense and in late 2008 Art and Karla decided they would open Chelas Mexican Grill.

We sincerely hope you enjoy Roselia's recipes as much as we do.

Buen provecho!


Art & Karla Vasquez, Owners of Chelas Mexican Grill


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