The California Wine Festival 2017 acted as more than learning opportunity for Chelas and guests it was a Chelas showcase on a grand scale.

California Wine Festival 2017

The California Wine Festival 2017 hit Orange County, more specifically, Dana Point and we were there. Many people enjoy pairing wine with food and it just makes sense. The mixture of flavors always makes for a great experience if done correctly. At Chelas, we pair wine with Mexican food every day but we had a […]

Chelas Mexican Grill is happy to announce our participation in the 2017 OC Restaurant Week coming this March 5th through 11th.

Chelas Mexican Grill Participating in 2017 OC Restaurant Week

There was a time when we would welcome new members to the community with a plate of food. Food has always been a way to bond with new people, old friends, and family. We have food at every celebration and every somber gathering. Food brings people together in ways that nothing else does. Now, it’s […]

29 best tacos in orange county - chelas mexican grill

Chelas Recognized as Best Tacos in Orange County

There are many lists out there that help us decide many different things in our life. We check the internet for the best cocktails, best recipes, best activities and best tacos. Here at Chelas Mexican Grill, our primary goal is to provide the best Mexican food in Orange County. While that may seem like a […]

Best Coffee Shops in Orange County (1)

Great Coffee Shops in Orange County

From the early morning until the late evening people are on the move in Orange County. To get started in the morning and keep the momentum going people depend on great tasting coffee. Some of the best coffee shops in Orange County help keep the entire county running throughout the day. While many people drink […]

Things to Do in Laguna Beach Featured

21 Things to Do in Laguna Beach California

Laguna Beach is known as a resort city in Southern California. There are many visitors to the area, and they come from all over the world. Due to its popularity, there are many things to do in Laguna Beach. However, while some people think it’s just for the tourists, people who live here will tell […]