The Best Mexican Restaurant is Chelas Mexican Grill

Why Chelas Mexican Grill is the Best Mexican Restaurant

There are many different qualities that make a restaurant the best in its field. In order to become the best, the restaurant needs to work well and provide an experience to the people who visit that is welcoming and enjoyable. Chelas Mexican Grill strives to be the best Mexican grill around in many different ways. […]

Mexican Dishes For The Perfect Party

25 Mexican Dishes For A Party

Mexican food just makes for a great party. The reasons Mexican food make great party dishes is they’re easy to eat, easy to platter and usually, so good that party guests will eat the plates clean. You may already be familiar with some of the most popular party staples like chips and salsa or 7-layer […]

Cinco de Mayo Recipes to Entertain

25 Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a day of celebration for Mexican-Americans. During that celebration there is plenty of dancing, laughing and eating. The best part of Cinco de Mayo is the food. Mexican Food is good to eat any and every day of the week, but there’s something special about enjoying Mexican Food on this particular […]

Chelas OC Restaurant Week

Chelas Mexican Grill at OC Restaurant Week 2016

Chelas Mexican Grill is proud to be part of OC Restaurant Week. From March 6th to March 12th, we celebrate small business, culture, Orange County dining, and most of all food. Food is a way to experience another culture and the restaurant is how you get there. During Restaurant Week in the OC, you can […]