There are many different easy Mexican rice recipes to make at home that will go great with almost anything from Chelas Mexican Grill.

Easy Mexican Rice Recipes to Make at Home

Every different cuisine has a set of side dishes that go well with just about everything. For Mexican food, that side dish is Mexican rice. Mexican rice goes well with just about every Mexican dish. Use easy Mexican rice recipes to make at home and pair with tacos, burritos, fajitas, and so much more. In […]

Chelas Mexican Grill held our first ever chef sponsorship event at Rancho Las Lomas for Alejandro Villegas and it was a success.

Chef Sponsorship Event Photos: Held at Rancho Las Lomas

Success is one step closer for Alejandro Villegas. Alejandro has a dream of becoming a chef and his backstory is an interesting one. While Alejandro is working towards becoming a chef, Chelas Mexican Grill is working towards helping. Recently, we hosted an event that launched our chef sponsorship program. Our premier event at Rancho Las […]

Some may wonder why use fresh ingredients when time is of the essence at a restaurant and we ask why not use fresh ingredients?

Why use Fresh Ingredients? It’s the Chelas Way!

Serving food to an entire community requires a few things to get right. First, you need to have a passion for food, then you need recipe knowledge. Lastly, but maybe most importantly, you need fresh ingredients. At Chelas Mexican Grill, we feel that using fresh ingredients takes every recipe we make to the next level. […]

Enjoy the best summer Mexican dessert recipes and you won’t have to worry about having another ice cream cone again this season.

Summer Mexican Dessert Recipes That are Totally Worth it

The most desired summer dessert is ice cream. Ice cream comes in many different flavors and can be topped with an assortment of sweets. However, there are so many other desserts that are perfect for summer. In fact, there are many summer Mexican dessert recipes that will feed that need for something sweet and refreshing. […]

Enjoy the best light summer Mexican recipes and get a taste of a culture that knows heat, humidity, and great flavors that help.

Light Summer Mexican Recipes to Love

Summer recipes are filled with refreshing ingredients and easy to cook. The best summertime recipes don’t require you to slave over a hot stove or bake for hours at a time. No one wants to spend all of their time during the summer in the kitchen, so summertime recipes should also require little time and […]

The California Wine Festival 2017 acted as more than learning opportunity for Chelas and guests it was a Chelas showcase on a grand scale.

California Wine Festival 2017

The California Wine Festival 2017 hit Orange County, more specifically, Dana Point and we were there. Many people enjoy pairing wine with food and it just makes sense. The mixture of flavors always makes for a great experience if done correctly. At Chelas, we pair wine with Mexican food every day but we had a […]

Chelas Mexican Grill is happy to announce our participation in the 2017 OC Restaurant Week coming this March 5th through 11th.

Chelas Mexican Grill Participating in 2017 OC Restaurant Week

There was a time when we would welcome new members to the community with a plate of food. Food has always been a way to bond with new people, old friends, and family. We have food at every celebration and every somber gathering. Food brings people together in ways that nothing else does. Now, it’s […]

The history of the taco may be shorter than you think and comes from a surprising source with an interesting trek to America.

The History of the Taco

We all have an idea of what a taco should be, and for the most part, we think that tacos have been around forever. If asked about the history of the taco some may believe that it comes from native times in Mexico. With the popularity of the taco, no one can be blamed for […]