Hiking is fun and healthy but it is even better when you hike in the best places with a view to hike in Laguna Beach for all skill levels.

10 Places with a View to Hike in Laguna Beach

Orange County has many different cities and towns that are known for different things. However, natural beauty is what almost all of them have in common. That is why so many people enjoy going on hikes in California. Especially in southern California. You can find proof of that in any of the best places with […]

You will love reading some of the best Chelas Mexican Grill reviews, we sure did and took many of them to heart every day.

Chelas Mexican Grill Reviews – What our Customers Love

Chelas Mexican Grill is all about family. The recipes used are ones that have been in our family for decades. Every guest that comes into the restaurant is seen as a new opportunity to make a friend, an addition to our family. That is why customer reviews are so important to us. We listen and […]

You can make some of the best make at home nachos recipes for dinner every night of the week and still not try them all by the end of the week.

25 Make at Home Nachos Recipes

How do you like to eat your nachos? Are you the type of person who wants nothing but chips and cheese or do you prefer to go all out and overfill the plate with toppings? There are so many different ways to make nachos. You could go with beef or chicken, vegan or keto, you […]

Take a look at what people are sharing on Instagram with Chelas Mexican Grill Instagram photos that showcase each delicious dish.

10 Chelas Mexican Grill Instagram Photos to Drool Over

One of the most popular categories on Instagram today is food. People love sharing the food they are about to eat on Instagram. In most cases, people prefer to share food that not only looks amazing but that tastes great too. This is because we want others to come and experience the same amazing meals […]

Get ready to take advantage of the best ways to have summer fun at Chelas Mexican Grill along with your freshly made food.

5 Ways to Have Summer Fun at Chelas Mexican Grill

Summer is the perfect time to come into Chelas Mexican Grill for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three. If you’re looking for ways to have summer fun at Chelas Mexican Grill, there are a few things to look forward to. So bring your friends, bring your family, and don’t forget to bring your appetite to […]

Welcome to happy hour at Chelas Mexican Grill, where you can have a great time, with great food and great drinks for less.

Happy Hour at Chelas Mexican Grill

Happy hour is often more than just an hour but it is the best time to get great deals on food and drinks. Happy hour at Chelas Mexican Grill is no different. The happy hour menu at Chelas Mexican Grill gives you some of the best options at Chelas Mexican Grill at a discounted price. […]

Turn your casserole into an amazing Mexican meal with the best Mexican casserole recipes with beef that are also easy to make.

15 Must Have Mexican Casserole Recipes with Beef

Almost everyone has a favorite Mexican dish, tacos, burritos, nachos, menudo. What it comes down to are the flavors, just like any other type of cuisine. One way you can get a lot of flavor in one single dish is to make a casserole. While casseroles are mainly an American dish, there are ways to […]

Use some Mexican casserole recipes with chicken to feed that craving for cheesy, meaty, deliciousness that can be found in Mexican food.

15 Delish Mexican Casserole Recipes with Chicken

What makes Mexican food good in your opinion? Some people are big fans of the cheesy dishes others like fresh salsas. But the mixture of everything makes for a great meal. You can get the perfect mixture of everything in the best Mexican casserole recipes with chicken. These recipes are not only easy to make […]

Use the best tips for throwing a private party so that you can have the best time and celebrate whatever occasion you want.

5 Tips for Throwing a Private Party

One of the most important aspects of a party is the food. But not everyone has the ability to cook their own food or maybe there isn’t enough space in the kitchen to make enough food for everyone. Luckily, you don’t need to cook the food yourself, there are plenty of options, especially at Chelas […]

Add a little spice to your Mexican inspired cocktails recipes with whisky and share your amazing drinks with friends and family.

Mexican Inspired Cocktail Recipes with Whisky

Whisky is a very popular drink and often served with ice. But there are whisky cocktails that enhance the flavor of the whisky and make it even more enjoyable. Some of those cocktails are Mexican inspired cocktail recipe with whisky. Mexican inspired cocktails add flavor, heritage, and fun to every sip. The best place to […]